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Summer Heat Safety

With Summer fast approaching SHMA will introduce it’s Summer heat policy for our kids program.

If the bureau of meteorology forecast’s the temperature to be over 38 degrees in the morning all classes for that day and days going forward will be cancelled until the bureau of meteorology reduces the forecast to below 38 degrees. Your child’s safety is very important to us and with extreme heat it is very challenging to keep the academy cool enough to be safe for training. We do have a fans and a water cooling system but as you would understand in this extreme heat and being upstairs with a pitched metal roof we can’t efficiently keep it as cool as we would like for safe training environment.

If your child’s class happens to fall on a cancelled day please feel welcome to make up their class on any other day that is suitable to your time schedule.

We thank you for understanding and patience through out the summer months.

Shifu Stuart and the SHMA Team..

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