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Hello SHMA family I hope everyone is keeping well.

Firstly, thank you again for all of your ongoing support with your donations in this challenging time. It’s very kind and much appreciated.

In regards to our online training classes, we’ve changed all of the online training videos over to YouTube. If you have Google Chromecast you can now cast these classes direct to your TV. For those people with smart TV’s, use the YouTube app to search for our new channel – SHMA Six Harmonies Martial Arts, where you will find all training videos from before plus a few more.

With this new & improved way to view your online classes we’ve also recently added a few more classes for you too. You can now find two new Adult & Jnr Adult classes, a ‘Qian Ba Zhuan’ Qi Gong set and two 5 minute & 15 minute guided meditation classes. We’ll also be adding very soon a few more kids classes. So I hope you are having fun and enjoying your home training.

And please don’t forget we also have LIVE ‘Qi Gong & Meditation’ classes weekly on our Six Harmonies MA Instagram page. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with all of our students, parents, friends and SHMA subscribers from all over the world who have joined me thus far.

Plus we’ve also just added starting from today our LIVE Q&A chats with Shifu Stuart and guests. These LIVE sessions will be twice per week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. These Q&A’s sessions will be a time to connect with one another to discuss all things Martial Arts and our day to day life experiences. Please feel welcome to join me as I can’t wait to see you all there.

Below are links to the SHMA Online Classes page and our new Youtube channel



Also just a reminder that I am available for online and outdoor training and for those who would like some personal one on one training in KF, Meditation or Qi Gong.


For those students or parents of students that would like to continue with their progression towards their future Black Belts or beyond, i’m offering online grading’s. In order to be eligible to grade you must qualify in the following;


  • Keep a record of your online classes (1 for each class completed – 2 x classes for Zoom or Outdoor PT completed)
  • Total of 24 classes
  • Book in with Shifu Stuart for an online Zoom PT evaluation. (45 mins)


  • Parents to keep a record of your child’s online classes (1 for each class completed – 2 x classes for Zoom PT completed)
  • This can be done with either a sticker or a marker in their SHMA book.
  • Appropriate number of stripes (which will be either 1 x Red or 2 x Red stripes) on your child’s belt reflecting their current belt level
  • Book in with Shifu Stuart for an online Zoom PT evaluation. (30 mins)

Below are the opportunities that are accessible to you for our online program.

  1. Kids FREE Program (LD’s & RT’s) (5 Training Videos)
  2. Adults & Jnr Adult FREE program – (KF /MTF / SW & RT) (7 Training Videos
  3. Private Training with Shifu Stuart (30mins) $50 (+GST)  5 x class Pack $200 (+GST)
  • Live training program in your home via Zoom
  • Payment via SHMA PayPal
  • Email Shifu Stuart directly at
  1. Semi Private Training with Shifu Stuart (30mins) $80 (+GST) 5 x class pack $350 (+GST)
  1. FREE LIVE Meditation & Qi Gong  sessions via Instagram Live (times announced weekly)
  1. Q & A on Instagram Live

We miss seeing you all so much so from all of us SHMA we hope that you are all well and thank you for your ongoing support and love…

Take care – Shifu Stuart & SHMA Team.. 😊