Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in Latest News

“The Wisdom of no Escape”

The central question is not how to avoid uncertainty and fear but how we relate to discomfort. How do we practise with difficulty, with our emotions, with our unpredictable encounters of an ordinary day? For those of us with a hunger to know the truth, painful emotions are like flags going up to say, “You’re stuck!”

We regard disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, jealousy and fear as moments that show us where we’re holding back, how we’re shutting down. Such uncomfortable feelings are messages that tell us to perk up and lean into a situation when we’d rather cave in and back away.

When the flag goes up we have an opportunity: we can stay with our painful emotion instead of spinning out. Staying is how we get the hang of gently catching ourselves when we’re about to let resentment harden into blame, righteousness, or alienation. It also how we keep from smoothing things over by talking ourselves into a sense of relief or inspiration but this is easier said than done.

Love & Light 🙂