Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in Latest News

“When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

This a quote from Rumi and I just love this quote & question that he asks of us;

So let’s ask ourselves, ‘when will we begin that long journey into ourselves?’ Maybe you’ve already started your journey or maybe you are thinking about it or it may not even be on your radar at the moment! It doesn’t particularly matter where you are, make no judgements either way as you are where you are exactly meant to be in this moment!

This question was asked of me a few years back when I had nowhere else to go but to just sit right here in the market place, find some kind of silence, breathe and begin to look inward to ask the question, ‘WHO AM I?’ And the overwhelming moment of this realization was the more I ran away from it the more I ran into it.

Now to say this process or journey is easy would be untrue, to say that it has been life changing would be truthfulness.

When you genuinely begin to ask, Who Am I?, and you have exhausted all of the your external worldly desires that may of helped you believe who you think yourself to be, or who you think others need you to be, the true deeper self has an opportunity to reveal itself.

There’s such a sense of ‘WOW’ that is so precious and nourishing that you are now on your long journey to awakening and once you have awakened there’s no way that you can go back to sleep.

Love & Light 🙂