I joined Six Harmonies Kung Fu Academy in 2002, at the time I was searching for a great academy to learn Martial Arts. The main reason for finding an academy in the Martial Arts was to improve myself after I was unfortunately assaulted by three men in the middle of the night while walking home from work. At the time I was working as a chef in South Yarra.

I contacted Shifu Stuart and I joined the academy to learn self defence and also to learn what I had always wanted to learn.

What Six Harmonies helped me with in my life was to get my confidence back and have balance in my life between work and fun. It also helped me change my career, select my friends and have positive people around me which have given me an improved level of health. And this brings me to the family environment that Six Harmonies presents and surrounds us all with – a unique friendly atmosphere.

All the above gave me the motivation to reach the level of Black Sash and I also just recently passed my Level 4 Leadership course and am now enjoying my new role at Six Harmonies as an Instructor to help guide and assist as many students as I can on their Martial Arts journey.

The most important fact for me about Six Harmonies is that I come to class, switch off from the entire outside world and do something that I enjoy the most which is working on myself improvement .