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“The Nature of Spirit”

 From Daniel Reid’s book “Guarding The Three Treasures”

 Like essence and energy, spirit has its pristine primordial aspects and its conditioned temporal aspects. Primordial spirit is also known as the “Mind of Tao”, is the original source of all consciousness, the flame of primal awareness that lights up the mind. It is eternal, indestructible, and immortal, but soon after birth it becomes dormant through social conditioning and the constant distractions of temporal life. As primordial spirit becomes shrouded with layer upon layer of self-woven ego, it disappears from conscious awareness and the primordial unity of ‘The Three Treasures’ is torn asunder.

Spirit loses its rightful command over energy, which the body instead commandeers for its own sensual gratification and sensory entertainment. Unfettered by spirit, emotions run rampant and random thoughts clutter the mind, further obscuring awareness.

Like a leaf in the wind, the temporal mind is blown to and fro by the vagaries of external events, while the bodies energies are plundered and dissipated by the ‘Five Thieves’ of the senses. Small wonder that the body, ‘when not guided by spirit, wanders down the path to death’.

The original mind of the Tao is like an immaculately clean mirror, clearly reflecting everything towards which it turns its attention. The human mind by contrast is like a dirty mirror, bespeckled with the dust of greed and lust, smudged with the grime of conflicting emotions, streaked with the haze of conditioned thoughts. The process whereby one recovers the original mind of Tao and restores primordial awareness is called ‘polishing the mirror’.

This is an introspective process which one gradually clears away the emotional obstructions and physical defilements accumulated since birth, so that the original mind of Tao may once again shine forth and reflect the world as it really is..

Love & Light 🙂