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The Practise of Clarity”


The clearer you are on your purpose and primary objectives, the better your chances are of fulfilment and accomplishment.


It’s uncomplicated to figure out how to achieve something, once you’ve decided what it is that you truly want. This we refer to as CLARITY.


Sometimes the greatest question you can ask yourself is; Who am I? What is my purpose? Where can I find fulfillment? Then we can simplify it a little further by breaking it down to a very simple question : What shall I do to today?


Most people tend to have an uncertain purpose in life, sometimes they may even have a vague sense of being dissatisfied or unfulfilled.  


Within the Martial Arts and other traditional practises they ask us to look inside for the real obstacles that block the way to fulfillment. External stresses will always fill the time given to them. Plunging into the spinning activity of daily life inevitably makes life seem stressed and chaotic. What you can do instead is to examine your reality “from the inside,” which is where clarity can be found.

There are numerous variations on how we use our minds. If your purpose is clarity, set aside the thoughts and perceptions that fill your mind every day. Focus instead on self inquiry and searching for clarity of the true self.


So how can we search for clarity or the deeper self from the inside?


One of the ways is to commit to the practice of meditation. Through this ancient practise you have an ability to take your mind to a level where clarity is natural and effortless. The comparison of a river helps us out to show what happens. On the surface, a river is fast-flowing and whipped up into waves and currents. As you descend into it, however, the river’s flow becomes slow and steady.

 Love & Light 🙂