Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in Latest News

Can we be comfortable with ‘WHAT IS?’


As we have the courage to become more open in all areas of our lives, we discover that it’s not the continued big disturbance’s we believe are going to help us break through our old patterns, we are now awakened by these almost straight away. It’s the small ones that catch us off guard!


Regardless of the situation our aim is lean into the awkwardness of life and see it plainly rather than to protect ourselves.


If our experience is that sometimes we can see things for what they are and at other times we can’t, then this is our experience. But can we be comfortable with being just “what is?”

Or do we need to push/pull in a certain way, want or need some kind of immediate resolution to believe we have secured some manner of control?


With practice and time through silent meditation we can learn to become a witness to these situations and observe the emotion or feeling from a place of non-attachment or to experience the situation with a sense of letting go rather than being caught up in the middle and possibly triggering a past experience that ideally doesn’t exist or serve you anymore.

Love & Light 🙂